Baseboards and trim perform two important roles in a room. They create a pleasing visual transition between the walls and floor, and they conceal the often imperfect perimeters of a flooring installation (hardwood boards, vinyl sheeting, etc). Baseboard and trim molding is an essential component of a truly polished look, and the areas that suffer the most wear and tear.

Preparation Makes the Difference

Painting a baseboard is a fine illustration of the rule that preparation makes the difference between a subpar job and a satisfying, professional-quality finish. After we protect the floor by laying down a drop cloth or taping down a layer of plastic sheeting, we repair any nicks or dings with fill and uniform sanding. We vacuum the baseboards before wiping them down with a damp cloth. Then the work begins!

Painter’s tape, metal painting guards, and a steady hand need to be engaged at all times to ensure the very best results. We apply two coats (and oftentimes three) for the smoothest possible finish, including sanding and clean-up between coats.