kitchen_02As a surprise for my wife and family, I scheduled our main floor to be painted while we were on holiday. I engaged in secret talks with Tom and Karen to work out the logistics and timing prior to our departure – then we took off. Getting home after midnight two weeks later, it was like walking into an alternate universe. It was like a magic wand was waved and presto! – everything was a new colour. Tom and his crew moved and replaced everything exactly where it had been: lighting fixtures, furniture, carpets. Especially impressive was my 6 year old daughter’s bedroom. They replaced her art work on the wall exactly the way my daughter insists on having it (6 year olds can be rather particular about things…). 

Of course, the most important thing was that my wife was impressed. The quality of the painting was top notch and there were a lot of dings to repair. Everything about the project was comfortable and agreeable and I look like a hero. Thank you Tom!

Dan L.

Here come the Painters turned my dark, drab and dated cave into a light, bright and airy home! The paint job is a first rate professional job! 
No mess, no fuss.

P. Doyle

Anyone can buy a pair of white coveralls, a paint brush and a roller and call themselves a painter, and there are many cheap paint jobs to be had. People who buy Sandbridge homes are expecting excellence, so we didn’t go for cheap, we went for good. We are pleased with this professional team.

To begin with, it became obvious that they were working for us, striving to create rooms both ‘warm and homey’ and classy at the same time, rather than just slapping on paint to get the job done and move on. We appreciated their product knowledge, guidance and patience with us as amateurs. Our confidence in them paid off, and it turned out beautifully.

We appreciated that they began when they said they would, came only themselves in full strength every day ready to work, and stayed the entire day. We have had frustrating experiences with other contractors that never showed up half the time, were hung over, thinned our project with a number of other clients, or hired cheap, unskilled help. Tom and Karen are a highly experienced team and worked steadily, completing the job quickly and efficiently.

We appreciated that they took care of everything, from removing fixtures, electrical plates and blind brackets to carefully moving the furniture together and gift wrapping it for protection. They repaired all wall damage and holes. When they were complete all the furniture and fixtures were returned. There was no mess and nothing to do.

We’ve all done a little painting ourselves. We know how to slurp paint on the walls, but I was amazed at how careful and clean they were. Not a drop of paint on the rugs. Not the tiniest overlapping of paint on the cupboards or windows. All cut lines between glass and window sills, walls and cabinetry and walls and ceiling are straight and clean. I can put on paint but I can’t do that.

Tom and Karen are people of integrity. When it was discovered that the woodwork would be better served with a different kind of paint than the one they had already bought, they purchased new paint out of their own resources. They would not paint outside until the weather was optimum for long life. They would not ‘freshen up’ and paint over deteriorated woodwork until it was properly repaired. They used only the highest quality product, and did not water down the paint to make it go farther (a common trick). You can do things right or you can do it again. They did it right.

We enjoyed Tom and Karen and they were easy to work with. I would certainly recommend them to anyone who is willing to pay a little more for a first class, high quality redecoration for their home.

Yours truly,
J. W.

Recently, Karen and Tom were at our place to finish off some painting for us. We had managed to do the rooms with ‘normal’ height ceilings but when it came to the 19’ walls in the main part of our house, we had to call in the experts.

Tom didn’t hesitate when he saw what was left for him to finish. He gave us a quote during his initial visit, then both he and Karen showed up, ready for work at the mutually agreed upon time. I appreciated that he was concerned about the safety of our house and himself while he figured out the best way to tackle the high walls. Once that was figured out, the two of them worked steadily for three days to get the job done. He was fine with using the paint we had used in the rest of the house and seemed readily agreeable to work with whatever parameters you offered him.

We were very pleased with the quality of their work and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone wanting a quality job done.

Thank you Tom and Karen!

Jean and Jim E.

We recently moved into a new condo. We had our entire condo painted by Tom and Karen Haddon … two coats. We would highly recommend their service. They are friendly, professional, skilled, cooperative, wise, and fair. Our new home looks fresh and beautiful.

R & S Mayforth

Tom did an excellent painting job for me at my personal residence. After identifying work to be done and setting a time date and cost, he was on time, on budget, and did an exceptional job for me. Very professional all the way around.

C Faber
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